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Commercial Buildings / Institutions

  • New buildings
  • Existing buildings
  • Punjab-ECBC

       1)      New Buildings

                If the connected load of a particular commercial building is 100KW or greater or the conditioned area is 500 sq. m or more, then these buildings are required to get through PECBC compliance, while the building which do not belong to the above said category may follow few recommendations to make them energy efficient :-

  • Commercial buildings such as offices, work areas, shops, godowns, warehouses etc. should tend to be solar passive in design so that there is maximum energy efficiency possible, this can be achieved by using construction material with high thermal insulation, windows with optimal glazing, and anti-glare walls.
  • Use of concrete on the outer walls should be avoided to maximum extent as concrete absorbs more heat and causes the walls to gain more solar heat.
  • High reflective paints, coatings and tiles are recommended to be used on roofs.
  • For building envelop, the size of the window must be optimized so that the movement of breeze is allowed throughout the building.
  • The windows should be installed with shades that allow light to enter the building but do not let the heat inside.
  • On the interior walls use light colored paints for proper penetration of light.
  • Air pockets in the ceilings should be constructed.
  • Maintain optimum building occupancy, building should be built keeping in view the no. of occupants of the house, so that overcrowding is avoided.
  • Use energy efficient appliances, install BEE star labeled ACs, fans

       2)       Existing Buildings

  • Deciduous trees such as amaltas, champa should be planted on west & south west directions as these provide shade in summer and sunlight in winters.
  • Evergreen trees should be planted in the north and north west direction as these provide shade and wind all the year round.
  • In summers, draw curtains over windows facing south, west and south-west.
  • Control heat, air and moisture leakage by sealing windows and doors with natural material.
  • Use BEE-star labeled electrical appliances.
  • Use reflective tiles or insulation on the roof to keep the interior cool.

(C)    Punjab ECBC

(D)    GRIHA