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Energy Conservation

Energy is a basic requirement for economic development in almost all major sectors of Indian economy - agriculture, industry, transport, commercial, and residential (domestic). Consequently, consumption of energy in different forms of energy has been steadily rising all over the country and more so in states like Punjab has maintained a steady growth pattern in the past and the trend is likely to continue in future as well. This has increased the dependence of the state on fossil fuels and electricity. 

Energy efficiency has gradually emerged from being an advocacy subject to a powerful, cost-effective, and environment-friendly policy tool to narrow the widening supply-demand gap facing the nation today. As per the Integrated Energy Report, energy conservation programs, if designed and executed properly, can obviate the need for 25,000 MW additional generation capacity. Energy conservation potential for the economy as a whole has been assessed as 23% with maximum potential in Industrial and Agricultural Sectors (Planning Commission, Govt of India, August 2006).  

Energy Saving in Different Ways