Punjab Genco Ltd

The Punjab Genco Ltd., a generating company (formerly known as Punjab Renewable Energy Development & Punjab Genco Ltd a wholly owned company of Punjab Energy Development Agency) was formed to meet with the statutory requirements of Electricity Supply Act, 1948 for power generation. The main objectives of the Company are as under:

With the above objectives the company was incorporated on 5.3.1998 under the Indian Companies Act, 1956 and commenced its commercial operations on 7.6.1999. The Board of Directors of the company is comprised of the following:

Key Managerial Persons:

Since its inception the company has taken over eight canal based Mini Hydel Power Plants (MHPs), three Solar Photovoltaic Power (SPV) plants and one High Rate Biomethanation Power Plant on mutually agreed terms & conditions from its parent organization Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA). The present total installed capacity of power generation facilities of the company is 11.1 MW

These eight Mini Hydel Plants are having ultra low heads in the range of 1.75 mtr. to 2.5 mtr. and are selected as technology demonstration projects to establish the techno-commercial viability of such ultra low heads. Such ultra low heads are successfully harnessed for power generation for the first time in the country using innovative technological options available in the world. The state of the art technology has been used for designing the unmanned operation of the plants to minimize the operation & maintenance cost.